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  • European Festival Time in May!

    Travel agencies in MA & NH have been helping many vacationers find fun and exciting trips throughthe back roads of Europe, far from the tourist trap areas where prices are high. Instead of spending your time in the middle of Venice or Paris during the month of May, you may want to spend some time visiting these colorful festivals and enjoying the culture!

    Processione Dei Serpari (Festival of the Snakes)

    This festival takes place on the first Thursday in May in Cocullo, Italy. Celebrated in honor of St. Domenic, the patron saint of preventing snake bites; a giant statue of him is decorated with jewels, bank notes and live snakes.

    Rose Festival

    Near the town of El-Kelaa M’Gouna, Morrocco, roses are harvested every year during mid May. The festival lasts for three days and includes feasting, dancing, markets and a chariot procession through rose petals. The roses are the town’s lifeblood, and used in the production of rose water, rose candies and sold for export around Europe.

    Kattenfestival (Cat Festival)

    In the Grote market in Ypres, Belgium, there is a festival in honor of cats. Originally, live cats were thrown from the Lakenhalle’s Belfry in the belief that cats harbored evil spirits. This tradition continues today, but only toy cats are thrown. Held every third year, this festival features feline candies, feline merchandise and the Kattenstoet, a parade of giant cats.

    Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

    Held on the last Monday in May, this event in Cooper’s Hill, Brockworth, England features a handmade, seven-pound wheel of Double Glouchester cheese rolling down the hill and people chase after it. Whoever reaches the cheese first is allowed to keep it. For those who would rather run uphill, there is a separate race to reach the cheese at the top.

    Oddball festivals or not, there is no better way to explore Europe than by taking part in the local festivals. Vacation Bound will help you make sure that your next European vacation will be fun and memorable!

  • Quick Tips For Avoiding Checked Baggage Fees

    As if finding affordable airline tickets isn’t enough, many airlines are tacking on fees and taking away perks like dinners in order to offset their rising operational costs. For many airline travelers, the one fee that hits them the most is the checked baggage fee. Below are three quick tips for avoiding the fees.

    Consider Carry On Only

    If you decide to “one bag” it to Tahiti, you will find a plethora of information and recommendations on what size of bag to take, what to take and how much to pack. Most airlines will not charge for one bag that fits their carry on size guidelines (and for flying domestically will not charge for an extra “personal item”), but be warned that for international flights their guidelines will be much smaller and more stringent than U.S. or Canadian airlines. Also, some budget airlines, such as Sprint, will charge for a carry on baggage fee.

    Lose The Weight

    All checked baggage is weighed, but ticket agents rarely check the weight of your carry on luggage. Place some of the heaviest items in your carry on luggage. However, if your items do not fit within the TSA’s guidelines, they will be confiscated at the gate.


    First class flyers rarely pay any checked baggage fees. Adding the extra $800 to your ticket budget may seem strange, but some airlines will offer you the chance to upgrade to first class the day of the flight for a much-reduced fee.

    After you’ve booked your itinerary, flight and hotel through your New Hampshire travel agency, the last thing you may want to do is pay extra for a baggage fee. If you consider carrying on, carry lightweight versions of your every day items and pay for an upgrade, you will avoid the common pitfall of paying extra.

  • Trip to Madiera, Portugal!

    Doreen recently took a trip to Madiera, Portugal. She went down to check out Madiera as a destination for clients. Have a look!



  • Family Vacations-How Can I Save Money On a Family Trip?

    London may be one of the world’s top cities but for many it can be expensive to travel to, especially with children. If you are still considering traveling to the UK this summer, here are several ways to save a few dollars (or pounds) on your European vacation.

    Museums Are Free

    Unlike many American museums, where the tickets can cost as much as dinner at a fancy restaurant, London museums are free. One of the best to go visit is the Science Museum-young kids will love to see the impressive collection of dinosaur bones. If your kids like history, the nearby Museum of Natural History has Egyptian mummies, Greek statues and more.

    Pack Snacks

    Any parent knows that when young kids get too hungry, they can have a meltdown. And buying snacks and fast food can get very expensive very fast. If you can, pack your suitcases with snacks. Granola bars, lunch pack versions of popular snacks and small packages of nuts and dried fruit make quick and easy mini meals on the go.

    Buy Tickets Online

    To save time and money, many popular London-area attractions offer tickets online, especially during peak tourist season. Nothing can be more disappointing than waiting in line for hours for tickets only to discover they were sold out.

    Use The Tube

    The Tube, as the London subway system is known as, is an especially efficient way to get around-you can even take it from Heathrow. Children under five can ride for free, and sometimes children from five to ten can ride for free depending on certain conditions. Never ridden a subway before? Most stations have somebody available to help you; but as with tickets to popular tourist attractions, it’s much easier to buy tickets online.

    Whether you are visiting London for the first time or the hundredth, Vacation Bound can help you plan the European vacation of your dreams!

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